MANMADE /  The winning proposal for Land Art North Denmark competition, North Jutland starts in the vast nature of Jutland with subsoil of limestone. 'The resources of the region's underground become part of a magnificent landscape vision linking together materials, spatial experience and composition.' 

Below are a selection of drawings from the competition entry.

300 hundred blocks are distributed in the field. The blocks are made of concrete, with a high amount of chalk and lime aggregate based on the region's own lime. The project is to be explored by the individual human and my aim is to reach a sensory experience for the human entering the chaos of the blocks with the celestial sphere as roof.

More than 60 mio years ago, the northern part of Jutland was submerged. Unique landscapes have evolved through time but despite the differences in contours and vegetation, they are all based on the underground's chalk and limestone. Different materials have come out of lime and chalk, - today we got concrete.

Manmade is a land art project experienced within nature, by the individual human, visiting the area alone or as part of a larger group. Manmade can be experienced without people, in total silence and it can be experienced with people around; Observing, reflecting, sensing, touching, lying, sitting, playing. Whether you are alone or together, - whether it is day or night.